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Burrito nori rolls – really? People either really love these or don’t care for them much at all. As I am a big fan of beans, hummus, and avocado and love a bit of crunch from fresh spouts, for me they are divine. And when dredged in salsa, well you get perfection. Note: these rolls are messy and difficult to eat but many claim are well worth it!

burrito nori rolls

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  1. You’re going to assemble your nori rolls. Lay a sheet of nori down and add a layer of beans.
  2. Next, add some of the julienne cucumbers slices evenly.
  3. Then, spoon on some of the hummus, also evenly across the width of the roll.
  4. Then add the sliced avocado – again working to distribute the slices as equally as possible along the length of the roll.
  5. Finally, you will place some of the sprouts on top.
  6. Now, you will roll up the sushi, taking care to ensure all the ingredients are compacted into a nice roll.
  7. You might need to add some water along the seam edge to help the roll seal itself. You will have a nice roll but it is very delicate.
  8. Using a tomato knife, cut the roll into 6 or 8 pieces. This is a very delicate process – use your fingers to keep all the ingredients together in each piece.
  9. Then carefully place each piece on a plate along with a small dipping bowl of fresh chunky salsa. Fresh salsa is added to each bite of the roll, taking care with the ingredients.
Recipe Notes

Again, these are messy rolls, not like normal sushi.  A large spoon is helpful for eating each delicious, creamy piece.

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