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Vegan Meal Programs in the US – Business is Booming in 2017

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Vegan Meal Delivery Companies in the US Are Booming

Many people are interested in healthy, plant-based eating but simply do not have the time to shop and cook there meals.  If budgets permit, thankfully there now are a variety of options available to US residents for vegan meal delivery.  There are companies that offer delivery of pre-made frozen or fresh food and others who send fresh ingredients for cooking to their customers.  This article will summarize these (along with comments from some that this blogger has tried).  List prepared in early 2017.

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A meal pictured from’s Instagram account.

These are very yummy vegan meals delivered frozen from an outfit in the Los Angeles area.  I was impressed by almost everything I tried.  The only criticism for me was  that most of the standard plan food had tofu and there was a moderate amount of flour in some items (both of which I try to limit).  However, if you get them a-la-carte, then you can choose your food to your taste.  They routinely offer 10 and 20% off coupons for your first order.


Fresh N Lean meal

A meal pictured from Fresh N Lean’s Instagram account.

Fresh ‘N Lean

Fresh ‘N Lean does have a good selection and their customer service is good.  However, the meals I tried were not my favorites. One had only about 150 calories which just wasn’t sufficient for me.  However, I would try them again and order other meals.  These are shipped in vacuum-packed cool packs, not frozen.


22 days Nutrition Meal

A meal pictured from 22 Days Nutrition’s Instagram account.

22 Days Nutrition

Healthy and delicious, soy and gluten free, plant-based meals prepared with organic ingredients.   No cooking required.  Choose either a la carte or a weekly mean plan.  These really look delicious – anxious to give them a try.


Macro Mediterranean food

Image of meal from Macro Mediterranean’s website.

Macro Mediterranean

Started in 2009 at the request of nutrition counseling clients, this company had its roots in macrobiotic cuisine.  Now Macro-Mediterranean Diet takes the most successful elements of traditional diets from around the world, and incorporates them into a flavorful, plant-based, whole-foods vegan diet.  In the Boston area (local delivery) or nationwide.  Looks very good!


the vegan garden food

Image from the Vegan Garden’s Instagram Account.

The Vegan Garden

Plant based vegan food delivery meal plans, including weight loss plans, smoothie plans, meal packages, or create your own a la carte order.  In the SF Bay area, meals arrive fully cooked.  Meals to the eastern US might arrive on Saturday but food looks very tasty.


thrive foods direct food

A meal pictured from Thrive Foods Direct Instagram account.

Thrive Direct Foods

This is Brendon Braizer’s vegan food delivery service, created with vegan athletes in mind.  All ingredients are organic, and non-GMO, with no additives or preservatives.  It is slightly more expensive than other but the meals really look amazing.


Vegan food from mamasezz

An image from Mamasezz’s Instagram account.


Hearty and delicious plant-based meals that are fully cooked.  Several bundles to choose from and food looks very interesting.  Delivers to 19 states in the northeastern US at this time.


Plant Perfection Foods

– hearty meals based on dietary suggestions of Dr. Campbells,  Esselstyn, and McDougall.  They ship frozen whole plant based (vegan) meals around the country.  Meals are ready made – produced without animal products, oils or nuts and are gluten free.


The Purple Carrot meal

Image of food from The Purple Carrot’s Instagram account.

The Purple Carrot

Plant-based meals are made by subscribers at home with shipments of fresh ingredients each week. They claim meals are are easy to make and outrageously good to eat.  Food looks very good.


The Green Chef food

Image shared on the Green Che’s Instagram account.

Green Chef

Provides fresh ingredients for cooking at home in 30 minutes or less.  All organic food – and they have a vegan option.  Shipped in eco-friendly, insulated refrigerated boxes.  Looks very yummy.


Sun Basket meal

Image from Sun Basket Instragram account for a vegan dish.

Sun Basket

Provides non-GMO, organic ingredients for home cooking in 30 minutes of less.  They offer a vegetarian option (but many meals look vegan).  Claims to eliminate food waste.


The Meal Mentor

A creation of Lindsay Nixon’s (the Happy Herbivore), this is a service that provides meal plans and recipes for healthy plant-based meals each week.    Requires both shopping and cooking but many people rave about this.  Meals are low/no oil and good for weight loss.


Vegan meal delivery services are steadily growing in the United States in 2017.  Fresh or frozen, fully-prepared or just ingredients, business is booming.  This is not a complete list of all the services that may be available in your area.  There are many other that service their local areas (particularly in places like Los Angeles and other parts of California).  Maybe such a service would be helpful to you to ensure consistency with a healthy vegan diet!

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