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Plant-Based Mushroom Recipes – Sensational Soup, Stuffed, Stroganoff, Risotto and More (Oh My)!

stuffed mushroom


Mushrooms make an appearance in many vegan and vegetarian recipes and with good reason!  They are low in calories, high in minerals, and high in vitamin D. The different varieties offer flavors ranging from woodsy to earthy, and meaty to sweet. Due to their flavors and unique texture, mushrooms make a great substitute for meat. When ground or chopped, the texture simulates the filling of ground beef.  The flavor of many mushrooms is deep and meaty as well.  This article includes several delicious vegan mushroom recipes for you to try.


This ingredient is so versatile that it’s cooked in almost all type of recipes. Recipes include mushrooms in soups, salads, entrees, and appetizers. Farmers markets and supermarkets sell many varieties of mushrooms in fresh and dried forms. There is even oil infused with the rare and expensive truffle mushroom. Truffle oil is a great addition to Italian and French fares and works well in vegan mushroom recipes.


The most popular mushrooms are white button and cremini (baby portobello) mushrooms.  These are small and round with stems that pop right off. Button and cremini mushrooms are the most common mushrooms used in recipes. Button mushrooms are especially good for stuffing or slicing the mushroom cap. The flavors are milder than some of the wild mushrooms. They are interchangeable in recipes for a subtle taste.


Portobellos are large caps that are often prepared on a grill or roasted. They are dark in color with a meaty and earthy flavor.  They are great for stuffing with rice, vegetables, and herbs either for an appetizer or a main dish.  Sliced portobellos are also used with marinaded to make a kind of vegan “bacon” which is excellent.


Shiitake mushrooms are great in soups and Asian cuisine. They have a spongy texture and also boast a meaty flavor as well. Many cultures believe shiitake mushrooms to have healing properties.

Oyster mushrooms are distinguishable by their flat wide stems. They make a great addition to a salad or seafood dish, served raw or sautéed for a few short minutes. porcini-mushrooms-in-basket2

Porcini mushrooms have similar characteristics to cremini mushrooms in color and size.  They have a nutty and creamy flavor and make a tasty addition to soups and cream sauces in particular.


Enoki mushrooms look quite different than most of its family. They are long and slim with a tiny bulbous head. Enokis are light and crunchy and generally added to a soup, salad or sandwich as a garnish.

For a review of even more of the mushrooms, check out our other article, Getting to Know the Edible Mushrooms.

And now we will share some very tasty vegan mushrooms recipes.


(Click on the recipe links below to access the full recipe with instructions.)

Creamy Mushroom and White Bean Soup


Portobello Mushroom Burger


Mushroom Quinoa Stroganoff


Stuffed Mushrooms



Brown Rice Mushroom Risotto


Mushroom Stuffed Cabbage


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